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Here's what people are saying about Picture Perfect.

"We all had the most wonderful time.  The weather was outstanding.  It was more difficult than I thought it would be to focus on scrapbooking due to the beautiful setting, but I still managed to get 40 pages done and my daughter loved them.  The house is beautiful and had everything we needed and more.  We sat on the porch a lot to have coffee and enjoy the day.  I am reserving the same weekend in October next year."   --   Kim from Naperville, IL



"I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our weekend scrapbooking.  Your house is just beautiful!  We were all very comfortable and productive.  I don't think I have every watched so many movies in one weekend.  We have scrapped at many different retreats, hotels and such, but this is by far the best."       --     Sandy from Coloma, MI



"My weekend at Picture Perfect was the best gift I could have given myself.  I enjoyed the three full days of scrapbooking, spa treatments, sunrise yoga on the beach with my best girlfriends, and quiet walks around the adorable property.  I came home rested, refreshed and ready to show off the 18 new pages in my scrapbook (and my gorgeous manicure!)  I can't wait to book my next get-away to Picture Perfect!"   --   Susie from Oak Park, IL

"It was the best scrapbook weekend I've been to and I've been to many - and there are the outlet malls!  This is the most beautiful house I've ever been in!  The beach is gorgeous, and I got to scrapbook while watching a flat screen tv.  I've never had it this good!  I can't wait to come back!  Thanks again for a wonderful weekend and I look forward to getting my playgroup moms together for a weekend away soon!"    --   Allison from Grayslake, IL



"For a first-time scrapper Picture Perfect is the place to go!  What an introduction to scrapping!  The table set ups, supplies, and idea books are a great help.  To relax and scrap among friends is a wonderful get-a-way weekend!"   --   Pat from Naperville, IL



"The cottage is PERFECT!  I can't think of anywhere else I would rather go for the weekend.  I got more scrapbooking done over the weekend than I have done in the entire year since Jake has been born, and that time is a really big deal to me!  Soon I will have 2 babies to scrapbook for, and if I could just get caught up on his before then, I would be so happy!  AND not only is the cottage a perfect place to scrapbook, but there's a gorgeous TV in easy view from the workspaces! With cable! (I do love TV.)  AND we went for walks on the beach.  AND the outlet mall is RIGHT THERE!  Also, the spa services are wonderful!  I will look forward to another scrapbook weekend there.  I haven't been able to spend that much time with my friends since our son came home and it was actually really nice to talk to and see everyone without their kids!  We could actually have conversations!"   --   Lori from Elmhurst, IL



"Picture Perfect is a beautiful get-a-way with breathtaking surroundings.  I cannot think of any where I would rather go with friends.  The atmosphere is very relaxing and a great way to unwind with friends while creating masterpieces."   --   Michele from Warrenville, IL



"The house is spacious and ideally set up for a group to scrapbook together.  Our group took full advantage of the die cut and lettering punches, as well as the computer software.  It's amazing how much you can accomplish in one weekend, all while talking and laughing with your friends."   --   Gina from ???



"Our get away started with a couple of hours of shopping, then we were off to scrapbooking.  There was plenty of room to spread out and get organized - even though there were twelve of us at Picture Perfect for the weekend.  I learned to use two new tools in the first hour we were there!  It was also fun to walk around and see other people working and "borrow" ideas.  Time flew by - between cropping, snacking, designing pages, talking and eating -- it was time to go home before we knew it.  Thank you for creating such a perfect place!"   --   Susan from Frankfort, IL



"This was my first time away scrapbooking and it was wonderful.  Picture Perfect is the ideal place to kick back and enjoy yourself.  This is certainly a dream place for all scrapbookers.  Everything is right here for you to use and enjoy.  It is truly a perfect place."   --   Dina from Warrenville, IL



"The house is beautiful, very comfortable.  I like the layout - there was plenty of room to spread out and scapbook, and you could leave your table set up the entire time.  For meals and snacks, the gourmet kitchen was very accommodating for the 12 of us.  I would love to go again.  Shopping and scrapbooking - my 2 passions!"    --   Joanne from Frankfort, IL



"We had a fantastic time and the home itself was extremely beautiful.  The new kitchen with granite and cherry wood everywhere was like a dream kitchen all of us have always wanted.  The large island and table in the kitchen allowed us to leave our snacks and home baked treats out without having to move our cropping tools to make room for the food.  I was amazed at how much I got done, an unprecedented 43 pages!  I now think it is a possibility that I someday may be caught up.  There was plenty of room for everyone and we felt so cared for in all the details of the home, from the nail polish in the bathroom to the acid free hand soap in the kitchen.  It was truly a joy and we all agreed we should do this every six months, and some said every three months!  All this only a short drive away at a reasonable price.  What a difference a relaxing weekend away with the girls has made."   --  Lee from Wheaton, IL



"Picture Perfect is truly the 'perfect' place to relax, enjoy friends and finish pages.  Having all the tools readily available to use makes scrapping fun and easy."             --   Lois from Warrenville, IL



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